Home Design Tricks To Maximize Small Spaces


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Storage solutions

Still living in your starter home? Feeling a bit cramped? After a while, your family grows and you accumulate more things. Soon, the home that was perfect for you years ago can start to feel cluttered. But with a few design tricks, you can make that pretty little bungalow feel spacious again. It’s easy! First on our list is storage solutions. Get creative with storage and organize your home. This can free up corners and table tops (where you usually hoard bills and junk mail) and make you feel like you can breathe again.


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Go vertical

Walls aren’t just for hanging photos. When you’re thinking about how to utilize space, don’t forget about all the vertical space you have. Floor-to-ceiling storage is a two-fold remedy. It gives you more storage potential while also drawing the eyes upward. This can create the illusion that your ceilings are higher than they actually are. The best place we’ve seen this work is in the kitchen. Extend your cabinets to the ceiling and feel the difference!


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Hidden storage

Some things you just can’t store in open shelving. That’s when it’s time to get creative and find hidden storage spots in your home. A popular solution is a coffee table that opens or has drawers. Here, you can easily store games, TV remotes, magazines, batteries, and things like that. There are all kinds of ways to cleverly store home goods. Take the concept to every room of your home and enjoy more room to breathe.


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From cramped to cozy. Built-ins not only give you more storage, they make your home feel warmer. Why? Because built-in furniture is an older concept that reminds us of simpler days. During the Arts & Crafts Movement (late 1800s to early 1900s), built-ins made their mark on history. They’ve been making a comeback and we’re all for it. Fusing the furniture into the home simplifies life and makes storage a no-brainer. And building one can be a fun DIY project too!


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Multipurpose furniture

When it comes to getting a little extra wiggle room in your starter home, multipurpose furniture can be your best friend. One piece of furniture with multiple uses saves space and shows off your creativity. IKEA is a great place to get inspiration for this kind of furniture, by the way. What’s more? When you’re ready to upgrade to a bigger house, you can try selling the multipurpose furniture with your starter home. If it worked well for you, it could benefit the next homeowner!


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Foldaway furniture

It might feel odd to put away furniture after you’re done using it, but when you realize how much space it opens up, you won’t be questioning it. Drop-leaf tables and Murphy beds are great examples of foldaway furniture. Similarly, you could opt for nested furniture, like backless seats that fit under your dining table. When your goal is to maximize space, the possibilities are endless.


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Paint to brighten

Small spaces usually come with dark corners. And if the walls are painted a dark color, your starter home can easily begin to feel like a cave. Paint your home using a light neutral palette to make it feel more open. This is calming and versatile in addition to brightening up the place. Plus, white interiors are in right now. And for resale, you can’t go wrong. Light, neutral colors appeal to a wider range of buyers and can be another selling point for your home.


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Decorate with mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Help my home feel not so small. When you’re working with limited square footage, decorating can be a struggle. But there’s décor that can actually help make your space feel bigger. Mirrors add a sense of depth and can create the illusion that a room is more spacious than it actually is. Style with multiple mirrors of different shapes and sizes on one wall or set a big mirror on the floor for drama. Mirrors can be a little pricey, so if you’re designing on a dime, try thrift stores and consignment shops to see if you can snag some cool ones at low cost.


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Utilize hallways

We know what you’re thinking. My hallway is narrow enough as it is! How can I possibly make use of it? We’re here to tell you it’s possible, it may just take some getting use to. But if you’re committed to making the most of your space, make an ally of your alley. Start with a narrow console table, then add layers: a framed photo from your last adventure, a vase of dried flowers, a lamp, and some baskets underneath. This area can easily be both beautiful and functional, and most importantly, a reflection of you.

We hope these design tricks help maximize the limited space in your starter home. And when you’re ready to upgrade and upsize to a bigger home, you know who to call!